Meet the Maker

Meet the Maker

Kimberly Dawn Cross <— that’s me! ♥️

Hey there, y’all!

I’m Kim, the ”She” in She Sells Bombs. I have made it my quest to create only THE best, most unforgettable artisan soaps and one-of-a-kind bath bombs on this side of the Mississippi.

Take a journey with me and learn what’s unique about my small, but memorable company… 😉

Swirling my Handmade ”Royal Raspberry” Soap. Get yours here now!

How SSB Came to Be

When I was younger, I suffered greatly from a relatively-common skin disease called psoriasis.

Psoriasis is an auto-immune skin disorder characterized by red, scaly lesions.

As I got older, I became more and more fed up with prescription topicals and medications that didn’t work. So I began looking for ways to treat this condition naturally.

Of course there is no cut and dry cure for psoriasis. It did finally clear up for me eventually, once I began using natural remedies and managing my stress level by implementing a self-care routine. I have been psoriasis-free since 2007, and it’s now my goal to help others who are affected by this awful condition.

I started She Sells Bombs as a way to help spread the word about using natural ingredients to heal your body, and also as a creative outlet for my own mental health. ♥️

Visit my Blog to Learn More About my Journey!


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