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Hey y’all! I’m Kim, the ”She” in She Sells Bombs, creator of handmade bath bombs, artisan soaps, and other luxurious bath and body products. Wanna know more about me? Click the button below. ⬇️

Handmade Bath Bombs, Artisan Soaps, & More

I handmake a colorful variety of luxurious handmade bath bombs and artisan soaps in small batches, but that’s not all! ♥️
I will soon be adding all-natural body lotions, sugar scrubs, body wash, body butters, and more to my ever-expanding lineup of handcrafted bath-time treats.

Stay tuned for new product release dates. Coming soon!

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Delight Your Senses & Elevate Your Mood

Life is tough sometimes, I totally get it! Taking care of your mental health should be a priority for every busy working professional like you.

SSB’s handmade bath bombs and other delightful bath-time treats are exactly what YOU need to take your self-care routine to the next level. And kids love them too!

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Support Local Small Business & Make Dreams Come True

When shopping with She Sells Bombs instead of huge corporations like Lush or Bath & Body Works, you’re not only helping your local economy to prosper, but you’re also helping make my long-time dream of owning a successful small business come true. Thank you so much for your continued support! It means more to me than you’ll ever know! ♥️

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