7 Tips for Taking the Ultimate Self-Care Bath

7 Tips for Taking the Ultimate Self-Care Bath

The Ultimate Self-Care Bath

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Sometimes a quick soak in the tub can be just what you need. ♥️ Be kind to yourself and enjoy!

There are times when taking a quick shower or bath is all you need. But then there are days when you need to take a while longer to soak a hot tub of water. There’s no denying that there are several reasons why soaking your cares away is an ideal way to unwind. From lowering high blood pressure to relieving stress and anxiety, the reasons are endless.

Here are some of my best tips for taking the ultimate self-care bath:

How to take the ultimate self-care bath:

1- Clean your tub. Take a few quick minutes to wipe off any dirt or grime that may be lurking in the bottom of your tub. You don’t want to be soaking in that stuff. Yikes!

2- Open up a handmade bath bomb from She Sells Bombs. You know I had to throw that out there for you! 😂 Seriously though, I hand-make all my bath bombs with great attention to detail. I use plant-based ingredients in the majority of my products, so most of them are vegan-friendly, and they’re ALWAYS cruelty-free. No bunnies in cages where I come from! And my suppliers feel the same way too.

3- Light a couple candles and/or adjust the lighting. Grab a candle or two and light them for an added dramatic effect. If it is possible for you to dim the lights in the room, you’ll want to do so. This provides the perfect amount of ambient lighting for this bath time ritual.

4- Pull out a good book you’ve really been wanting to read. Take a second to pull out a favorite book you love or start on a new book you’ve been wanting to read for a while. This is the perfect time to take in a new chapter.

5- Put on some chill music. There’s no denying that music is a powerful escape. Turn your iPod to your favorite playlist and get ready to chill out for a bit.

6- Cut up some cucumber slices to reduce puffiness around your eyes. The area around your eyes is the thinnest, and this can cause them to puff easily. Laying cucumber slices over your eyes can help to reduce this effect. Careful when slicing them though! This is supposed to be relaxing, not traumatizing. 😂

7- Smooth on an activated charcoal or clay face mask. Activated charcoal is great for detoxifying the skin, while natural clays are perfect for removing excess oil. Choose one according to your skincare needs.

8- Now it’s time to get in, drop that bath bomb in, and watch as it fizzes and foams and dances all over your sparkly clean bath tub. Take in deep breaths and try to relax as best you can. Let the aroma of your favorite essential oil blend take you away to paradise. As the candles flicker and the bath bomb fizzes, be sure to take a moment to enjoy this sensory experience.

Remember not to stay in for too long though! No longer than a 30 minute soak is recommended.

BONUS PRO TIP: Get you one of these bath tub trays from Amazon. It’s great for resting your favorite book on while you soak. Best investment ever!

You’ll thank me for this later! 😁😆😘

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