The Nature of Handmade

The Nature of Handmade

The nature of handmade items will forever hold more value than that of mass-produced. ALWAYS.

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Today I just wanted to write a quick post about the nature of handmade items, especially that of Artisan Soaps. This post is especially important to understand before making a purchase with She Sells Bombs.

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Handmade is very different from most store-bought soaps (that is, IF they are actually a “ soap” at all..) What i mean by that is that most so-called soap bars that you can buy at retail stores, by definition, is not even soap at all. It’s detergent.

Say what?? You read that correctly.

It’s actually packed with extremely harsh, skin-damaging detergents called sulfates that do far more harm than good. It gets added into my big-time competitors’ ”soap” for added lather, mainly…. And i guess to clean your skin by burning it plum off… So yeah, there’s that.

Handmade Soap Loaf – Men’s Patchouli Cedar wood.

Even those brands like Dove, who claim to be gentle on skin can’t deny their use of harmful, synthetic ingredients in their ”beauty bars.” (Notice how they don’t call it a soap bar?)

Ok so now I’ve gone a little too far to the left. That’s a post for another day. Time to get back on topic… The Nature of Handmade…

The Nature of Handmade Soap

Please take into account the nature of handmade before making a purchase. Understand the pros and cons of buying handmade. Here’s one very important detail you should know before purchasing from She Sells Bombs: **It’s very difficult to create an exact copy of an original handmade item.**

Take soap, for example. I can re-do a particular soap all day long, but i guarantee EVERY SINGLE PIECE of soap that i cut from those loaves is going to come out looking different. Even if i use the same ingredient list, the same fragrance, the same micas to color it, etc. It’s a challenge every time because you’re going to have different swirls on every bar. Its just generally going to look different by default.

Slide the cursor to the left or to the right to see what my CBD bar soap looked like the first time I made it VS. the last time I did:
The same exact soap!
This is my CBD soap that I only sell in person at craft shows and events.
Anyway, same soap, different overall look. They look drastically different when side by side. I used the same ingredients as the first time, same colors and everything, and it still came out looking differently.

I’ve even had my soaps come out smelling a tad bit differently than the first time i made it. Even with the same fragrance oil or essential oil.

Why is the nature of handmade better than that of mass-produced?

Well, I’m glad you asked!

Check out this post from a fellow blogger. Here, she gives several reasons why handmade will ALWAYS be better.

☀️ It’s very important to understand this concept before buying anything handmade/made to order. ☀️

Keep in mind that the actual product that you receive might look slightly different than what you see in the product photos.

This is simply because all of my bath and body products are made by hand in small batches. So each batch comes out looking uniquely created. Just means you’ll receive a unique item!

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